Do We Need a Financial Plan?

Financial planning plays a crucial role in achieving our long-term financial goals and securing our financial future. It involves assessing our current financial situation, setting realistic goals, and creating a strategic roadmap to reach those goals. A well-designed financial plan helps us understand our spending habits, manage debt, and effectively allocate our resources. Additionally, it enables us to navigate through life events such as retirement, education expenses, or unexpected emergencies. By proactively engaging in financial planning, we can gain greater control over our finances and make informed decisions that align with our aspirations. For professional assistance with your financial plan, please contact me at TDavies@TDWealth.Net.

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you?

  • Can we retire soon or how much longer do we have to work?
  • Should we collect Social Security at age 62 or wait until full retirement age (and what does that mean, anyway)?
  • We have pensions, Social Security benefits, bank accounts and retirement plans — but what is the best way to provide our retirement income?
  • Are we being too conservative or aggressive with our investments?
  • Should we pay off our mortgage so that we are debt free heading into retirement?
  • Why are we paying so much in taxes every year — is there anything we can do about it?
  • We have several life insurance policies — do we still need to have them or should we cash them in (or can we cash them in)?
  • What about Long Term Care insurance, do we really need that?
  • We want to take care of our children and grandchildren — is there a best strategy?

We acknowledge that some people are more comfortable with their own version of financial planning, whether through a true “do it yourself” mode or with a “Robo Advisor” type of experience.

Mathematical projections can be done fairly easily to account for the 25 or 30 years of living in retirement, projecting income and expenses compared to assets and liabilities for the entire period using assumed rates of return and estimated life expectancy.





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