Every financial plan we create is different

Your investment and financial plan should revolve around you.
We strive to truly understand your financial goals and objectives, then build a highly sophisticated plan to meet your needs.

Davies Wealth Management can provide advice covering a range of areas including:

When can you become a millionaire?

What will it take to save a million dollars? Enter your current savings plan and view the expected financial results for each year until you retire.

Savings goal calculator

Set your savings goal today and find out how much you need to invest every month to achieve that goal.

Monthly Budget Planner

This home budget calculator helps you do just what its title suggests. By entering income and monthly expenditures, view how much money is left to save and how much money is being spent.

Our financial experts will custom-design your wealth management plan by focusing on the following.

  • Through years of experience as Florida's top financial advisors, we've learned that the only way to successfully do this is to truly understand our clients — not just your finances, but also your day-to-day life.
  • Unlike large corporate planners, we take the time to discover the path to your goals that will also allow you to live the life you want. Call us today at (772 210-4031) to schedule your free consultation!

We are certified and licensed under:

Financial Planning Process

One size doesn't fit all, so the better we understand your situation, the better your plan will fit you.

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Investment Approach

We offers customized strategies to meet the diverse investment objectives of our clients.

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We can help you make the most of what you have!